When and How to Change Status of Residence (Working Visa)

When you need to change your status of residence?

In principle, you cannot engage in the activities other than that your status of residence permits. So if you want to engage in a different activity, you need to change your status.

For example, International Students who got a job offer from Japanese company need to change their status (International Student Visa) to the status such as 技術人文国際ビザ (Engineer, Specialist in Humanities/International Service Visa).

International Students who have graduated from their school but couldn’t find job before expiration of their current visa need to change its status to Designated Activity (特定活動ビザ) which permit them to continue job hunting in Japan.

Also, when employees having Engineer Visa resign from their company to establish their own companies, they need to change their status to Business Manager Visa or other status which permit you to run your own business such as Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals, Permanent Residence, or Spouse of Japanese Visa.

How to apply for change of Status of Residence

To change your status, you need to collect all documents required for the change and submit them to the local immigration office which has jurisdiction over your domicile. The necessary documents are different depending on which status you want. The companies hiring you or qualified lawyers can assist the process.

To change the status, you need to pay 4,000 yen as stamp duty.

Examination period takes about 1 or 2 months.