Privacy Policy

Last update 1st September 2020

1. Highly Skilled Japan will comply with the Personal Information Protection Act of Japan and other applicable laws and regulations when dealing with personal information of users.

2. Highly Skilled Japan may collect and use the following kinds of information of Users (the “User Information”) for the purpose set forth in the article 3.Name, address, gender, date of birth, name of company or organization, position, telephone number and email address:

3. Purpose of Use of User Information
Highly Skilled Japan will use User Information within the scope necessary to achieve the following:
(i) Providing our services through this website;
(ii) Providing information relating to our services;
(iii) Responding to inquiries from users;
(iiii) Sending newsletters, invitation to the events and other similar notice to users;
(v) Recruitment and recruitment related communication with users;
(vi) Any other purpose incidental to the above purposes; and
(vii) Any other purposes necessary for internal consideration and internal communication for the improvement and customization of our services.
4. Providing User Information to Third Party
Highly Skilled Japan will not provide User Information to any third party without advance consent of user, except such disclosure:
(i) is in accordance with or required by applicable law; or
(ii) is necessary for the protection of the safety or property of users or the public, and it is difficult or impractical to obtain the consent of the individual.
5. Request for Disclosure and Amendment of User Information
Highly Skilled Japan accepts requests for disclosure and amendment of User Information in our possession from persons identified by such User Information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act. To submit your request, please use our contact form. Highly Skilled Japan may not be able to comply with your request if your request does not satisfy the requirements prescribed by the Personal Information Protection Act or if there is a reason for Highly Skilled Japan to decline disclosure pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act or any other relevant laws and regulations. Highly Skilled Japan may request payment of the fees for notification and/or disclosure of the purpose of User Information.
6. Change of Privacy Policy
Highly Skilled Japan will periodically review and amend this Privacy Policy. In the event of significant changes, Highly Skilled Japan will provide such information through an easily understandable method such as posting it on this website.