Although in Japan there are many laws and regulations to protect workers’ rights, some companies are ignorant of the rules or try to take advantage of your lack of knowledge.  We will introduce various topics related to labor issues here so that you can protect yourself.

Avoid Salary Cut

In principle, Employers cannot change labor conditions unilaterally. In other words, companies need to obtain a voluntary consent from their employees to reduce salary. And even if you once gave a consent to the reduction, you are still able to argue the validity of reduction by insisting that the consent was not made voluntarily. Go to this Article.

How to apply for Workers’ Compensation

When employees get injured while they are working or commuting to their work places or get ill due to work, it can be regarded as Industrial Accident and they can apply for workers’ compensation called Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance or 労災(Rosai). Rosai covers not only their medical expense but also about 80% of salary while they can’t work due to such injury or disease. GO TO This Article.