Apply for Permission to Engage in Side Job in Japan

If you want to have a side job which is outside of the permitted activity under your current working visa, you need to obtain “Permission to Engage in Activities other than those permitted under the Status of Residence” (資格外活動許可 Shikaku Gai Katsudō Kyoka).

Since it is too long name, we call it Side-Job Permission in this Article.

This article explains what documents you need to prepare and how to write the application specifically.

What documents you need to prepare?

According to the instruction of Immigration Service Agency, to apply for Side-Job Permission, you need to submit the following documents.

  1. Application form for Side-Job Permission 資格外活動許可申請書; and
  2. Documents which show the details of the Side-Job.

Item 1 above is very clear. You can download the application form from the website of immigration Service Agency.

But what kinds of documents you should prepare for item 2 above is not clear. So, we’ll explain this point later.

How to fill out the Application Form 

This is the Application form for Side-Job Permission. As you can see, It is very simple. From item 1 to item 9, you only need to fill out your personal information.

For item 10 and 11

You need to input the information about your current residential status to item 10 and 11. For example, if you work for a language school as an English teacher, the description will be like below.

For item 11 and item 12

You need to input the information of your side-job to item 11 and 12

For example, if you want to work for a business planning section of a company for 5 hours a week, the description will be like below.

It is important to pay attention to the requirements for Side-Job Permission.

As we explained in another article, the activity should be within the scope that does not hinder the fulfilment of the activity permitted under your current status of residence.

Having a Side Job in JapanEven if you are already hired by a company, you may want to hold a s...

This requirement is judged according to the amount of time to be spent in the new activity, the amount of income, and other circumstances.

Therefore, the amount of time shouldn’t be too long. Otherwise, immigration would consider you cannot continue your main activity with the new side-job. For the same reason, the income from side-job should be lower than your main job.

In addition, the Side-Job shouldn’t be simple labor such as part-time work at coffee shops, convenience stores or delivery work for UberEats.

Documents which show the details of the Side-Job.

Together with Application form, you need to submit the documents which shows details of the Side-Job.

If you are employed by a company, you can submit the labor contract (雇用契約) or notification of Working Conditions (労働条件通知書).

In some cases, immigration may not be able to judge whether your new side job would not hinder the fulfilment of your current activity only by looking at application form and contract for the side-job.

In that case, you may need to consider what you should submit as additional documents to show that your application satisfies all of the requirements.