What is Business Manager Visa?

Running your own business in Japan is amazing. Combining your creativity and skills with Japanese technology or cultures would lead to great success.

But first of all, you must have residential status for entrepreneurs. If you have a status of residence like permanent resident or Japanese spouse, you can start your business today. If not, you basically need to get 経営管理ビザ Business Manager Visa.

In this article, we explain

  1. What is Business Manager Visa? and
  2. How to obtain Business Manager Visa?

This article is reviewed by Atsuro Tsujino, a lawyer working in Osaka.

What is Business Manager Visa

Business Manager Visa is the Residential Status for Business Owner or Business Manager. This status is very unique compared to other statuses. Because before application for this visa you need to establish your own company and prove your business plan is stable and continuous to immigration bureau, like series A round.

Requirements for Company

There are some requirements for the company. Your company basically have to (i) hire at least two fulltime workers* living in Japan or (ii) invest the capital amount exceeding 5 million Japanese yen.

Moreover, You basically need to prepare a office room which is not used for from your residence. It’s Important to check the conditions of lease contract. The contract should stipulate that you can use the room for business purpose.

For Business Manager

If you do not own your company but you manage people in a company, you have a chance to obtain Business Manager Visa. In this case you have to have at least 3 years experience of running or managing business.

The period you majored in business management for master degree can be included in that period. Besides, your salary must be equivalent amount of remuneration which Japanese managers would receive who are in the similar position.

How to obtain Business Manager Visa?

To obtain a Business Manager Visa, you have to make your business plan and establish your own company which meets requirements described above.

About how to establish your own company, please refer to our following article.

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If you need some license for running the business such as a second hand dealer license, you need to get it, as well.

After that, you can apply for Business Manager Visa by submitting application form together with relevant documents. The examination process usually takes about 3 months. Because there are lots of documents required and examination process is really complicated, getting assistance from specialists like lawyers or administrative scriveners are essential.

Necessary Documents

The list of documents for application to obtain Certificate of Eligibility of Business Manager Visa can be checked in the following page.

The list of documents for application to change your status of residence to Business Manager Visa can be checked in the following page.

The list of documents for application to renew your Business Manager Visa can be checked in the following page.

Startup Visa as a Previous Step

Since the requirements for getting Business Manager Visa is tough to satisfy especially for people who just started walking to their dream business, there is a visa called “Startup Visa” which allows you to stay in Japan for preparation of starting business.

Startup Company
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DISCLAIMER: The article has been written on April 2021. Immigration law changes quickly. So it is vitally important to be aware of the current situation.